Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back in October, when I was channeling these messages, I was told that we had finished the blog for now. I was tuning into my group of energies and I asked a few questions that I thought might be useful for people to understand. So, here is what came through.


I was asking about when people are obsessed with something or someone and what happens to the energy. What came through was when people focus intensely on something or someone, they push the person or energy away. It creates a resistance to the creation process. The energy the person is trying to attract is repelled. Pay attention to when someone does this with you, you find that you want to stay away from them and you may not know why. When you are open to something, you will often attract it because you are in a space of expansion. Obsession causes people and opportunities to leave you. Openness doesn’t repel things because you are not into a need to control it, you are just welcoming whatever needs to take place. You are not aware of how much destructive energy obsession creates. When you obsess over something you want to own it or control it in some way. There is nothing of spirit in this path of creation. Openness is a place of connection to spirit and willingness to experience what is right for you.

I was asking about depression and what we are dealing with in the terms of energy. Depression holds a lot of ego energy in it. There is a need to control something or someone. The focus is on the self. People either go in on themselves or they are blaming others for something. Pay attention to what happens around depressed people. You shift this energy of depression by moving it into a spirit energy and not focusing on the human elements. We recognize there are some depressions that are related to a chemical imbalance but still the energy stems from ego. Your spirit is aligned with a higher power and existence. There is no fear or illness in the spirit. That is something that manifests in the human physical form. If you want to shift health, shift it by aligning with your true spirit energy. If something needs to be, it will be but you have the ability to shift something after the lesson is learned. Anything that shows up will serve in some way or another. Understand how it serves and you can move on.


The Light