Saturday, December 15, 2012

In helping my father with his process of end of life, I have been looking at certain behaviors that I see with his completions. One lesson I have observed is that there is a need to tell people exactly what is on your mind and not care about the repercussions. I would think that if you wanted to leave any legacy, it would be to leave people with loving, supportive thoughts. If you only had one moment with someone, what do you want to leave them with? Now, look at each encounter that you have with people. If that is the only moment you have with someone what do you want them to be aware of or leave the moment with?

There seems to be so much anger with people. I would rather leave each person with something that is loving and compassionate. I know that each person needs to make their own decisions with this. I just look at all the behaviors out there and I would like the world to be a more loving and kind place because I was here and not spread venom to those whom I meet and come into contact with. I don’t like everyone and they don’t like me but I don’t wish them harm. So for today, think about what you would want, if you only had one moment with someone or if it was your last conversation with someone. It all goes down to being the solution to an issue or feeding the problem. I would rather help find solutions. There is no right or wrong answer to any of this. Each must follow their own conscience.