Thursday, December 6, 2012

What you worry about, you are actually creating into reality. If you are projecting your fear or worries onto others, you are working on manifesting those fears and worries for the people you are focused on. Is that what you truly wish to create or help create for another. Pay attention to what energy you are sending to others.

It is much better to trust that they will have whatever they need and all will work out beautifully for them. Then, you are sending support to them on their path. If you all did that for each other, you would be helping each other instead of creating issues for others. In truth, you all will have exactly what you need and it will come in perfectly. So, there is no need to create false obstacles or to create false obstacles for others. If you shift your focus, you can truly create amazing things. So, start paying attention to your worries and concerns and then shift them into something positive so that you don’t need to manifest them in your physical existence. Also, don’t project your fears onto others. Send them love and support instead. Creating consciously will have amazing results globally.

Blessings and Love,