Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When you watch people in your lives go through processes that seem challenging, we know that many of you would like to help them or support them through their experience. However, you are not always meant to do this. We appreciate that you want to help. There are times where their process will put you on hold from following your own path because there will soon be a piece that you will be called to help with and your next process may take you into a place where you will no longer be available. This is where you must learn to trust that you are being taken care of and the other person is being taken care of. Your worlds may collide while you help the person through their energy shift. There is certain work that you can’t do for another person. You must allow them to process what is taking place without you there. Your energy may interfere with their process. The issue is you are often allowing your senses to guide you and what you see may seem like something you want to interfere with. Your intuition tells you not to interfere and it doesn’t make sense to you. Trust what you are picking up through your intuitive guidance. You will know how to proceed. Trust is vital for this moment in time. You may feel a disconnect from those following ego pathways while you are following a spirit pathway. Each must follow the path that is right for them. At some point, you might understand what is really taking place. If you don’t understand this experience, there is no need for concern. Learn to follow your guidance.