Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blessed Ones,

When we instruct you to do something and you feel the sense of urgency, trust what you are picking up. The timing may have some flexibility in the actual event but it is important to follow the alerts that you are given. We recognize that it seems to erode your trust in those working with you, when the timing is not exact. However, we are helping to prepare you for something taking place. All things will happen as they are supposed to, once the energy is aligned. What you are picking up is not wrong. It is just being done when the energy is formed and it may not appear on the earth plane at the precise moment you are foreseeing. It will happen soon after. Certain energy shifts are now accelerating. So, be patient and prepared.

It may be better if you hold what you are picking up to yourself so that others don’t pressure you for the exact timing. Their pressure can hold back some of what needs to happen. It will still take place but others will be focused on adding stress to the energy and that is never helpful.


Yahweh and the Godhead