Friday, December 28, 2012

Back in May we completed the newsletters as they had been given to me. It seems now that the daily blogging is something that has also run its course. This year has been about letting go of the pieces that were ready to be released and following the guidance as it has evolved. I realize that I am not the only one who is going through this type of shifting. The lessons have been about learning to enter a void and be open. There is no need for fear in this space. It is a place of creation and re-creation. The sense from this vantage point is expansion and going to a place where there is room to evolve. Some parts of the journey allow us to take others with us and other parts need to be solo.

Part of this new piece is just about being open to the potentials and possibilities that await. You each have choices right now. Each moment allows you to rewrite what your story will be. You don’t need to hang onto the parts of your story that no longer serve you. You can let those pieces go and rewrite what you would like to see happen.

Many people will try and define you and expect you to fit into their definition. They are trying to make sense of those who don’t follow what they consider the normal life path. Don’t feel the need to conform to what they are asking of you or seeking for you to be. Be true to who and what you are. Now is the time for you to allow your true selves out. Even if you don’t intellectually know what that means. This is something within you. You will know when it is right and when it is off. It is in your DNA and the energy that is beyond the DNA. Be open to how you can help in this world and existence and still help any other existences you are connected with.

Enjoy the unknown. Know that the adventure awaits!