Sunday, December 9, 2012

Many times you endeavor to plan for the future or for the way things are going to be and the Universe presents you with a different plan. You may try and work for future events and hold assumptions about what is about to take place and something else happens. Your world is changing quickly and the way you manifest and create will change as well. Your life holds many lessons and sometimes you must be willing to just be present and not concern yourself with what the next moment holds. There are many intersections of time and space where multiple possibilities exist and the decision of what needs to take place doesn’t appear into the last second of that crossroad.

When you are placed in positions where you are in limbo and you are not seeing what is around the corner, it is because you are not being asked to look around the corner yet. Your lesson is openness and showing up. Your lesson is about dropping your agendas. Learn to let go and release expectations. You still get to hold onto hopes and desires but you release attachments to end results. Know that something wonderful is coming in next. Be clear and open. You will see the multitude of miracles about to take place. Trust and miracles will present themselves to you constantly.

In the meantime, practice being in your day. Embrace each moment and be open to wonder and miracles. Remember to look beyond what is appearing to happen. You don’t know what that specific experience was really about. So, don’t judge the experience beyond your own feelings and reactions. You get to choose what feels best for you in the moment.