Monday, December 24, 2012

Blessings to those travelers in your world. We recognize that many of you are Christian and seek to celebrate your festival of the birth of the one you call your savior. This is also a holiday for those who came before your religion was formed. We of the ancient ones from the north brought light into the dark this time of year. This is a time where the dark overtakes many because the days are short. When you light your trees, remember this. We would shine light in the dark and help others find the light in the dark. When you find others stuck in the dark, look to the light. Know the light is present. You may just need to look for it. You may also need to look for it in other ways. When you feel stuck in the dark, know there is always light around you. You may not see the light so open up your other senses to connect with it.


The Wise Ones