Monday, December 10, 2012

There are times where your teams will not give you psychic information. This can happen when there is something taking place that they are shielding you from. It can happen, if you are trying to find information about something that is not for you to know. There are times of transition where you just need to be in the transition without knowing the outcome. There are times where someone needs to go through their own process and if you knew the outcome for them, you would try and interfere. Some pieces of the puzzle are not to be tampered with.

You will always know what you need to know and you will often be shown a piece of the puzzle beforehand. So, don’t stress over not getting information. This is where your trust is vital and you must just stay open. This is also the part where you must learn to back away and not worry about what is about to take place. You will have the guidance to help you navigate areas where you need help. You are being watched over so we ask that you trust us.