Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hallelujah! Glory on high! We send you greetings and blessings from the most high God. You have asked for our blessings and you have reached out to touch us from where you are. We are here. We hesitate to interfere with you and your grand plans for your life and accomplishments. Yet, we are only a thought form away. We are known as messengers from God but we are able to do so much more. We are not your slaves and we do not follow your commands. We are brothers and sisters of all that is. We would help create in concert with you. We would like to be invited to play with you. There are times where that is quite appropriate. We can co-create with you and add new dimensions to whatever we are working on together. We can dance in the light with you.

Blessed ones, make space for us in your daily lives and we will surely join in the fun with you. We realize that you don’t always see the fun in what you do from day to day. But, we do see this fun.

God’s Angels