Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creation is a gift. The art of manifestation is a gift. It is simple and requires clarity. Manifestation is not about manipulations of people and things. Many who would express the ways of alchemy would insist that you are making something into something else and it requires commands and control over the elements. I would submit this is not true. There are many forces in all of creation that are willing to come together and allow you to enlist their help in creating your dreams.

When you focus on your true hearts desire, you must relinquish your desire to manipulate and control another person or energy. Instead, be clear about the energy that you wish to attract and invite it in. If you wish to manifest wealth, what is true wealth to you? Enlist the energies that are required for you to have that to work with you. If you desire a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, be clear about what attributes will work well with you and then enlist the right energy to come together and help you attract that person. Be open, for often what you truly wish for will have a different appearance to what you think you want or it might take a journey to arrive at it. All that you truly desire is out there for you and you have the means of manifesting it. Just invite in the right help to do so and don’t assign how and when and where it will be created. You have many lifetimes to explore and meander through time and space. This lifetime will show you what you truly need and want to support this experience.