Monday, December 3, 2012

Many people try to attract people into their lives by focusing on them and trying to manipulate situations to make the person come into their lives. This actually will deter the person from coming into their life. It may work on some physical level but it doesn’t draw the connection to you. It repels the person from being with you. The reason is that the person picks up the needy energy and will tend to back away. If you send a pure sense of love and support to them, that may allow the attraction to take place but you can’t hold an agenda in the layers of energy. You have to just send love without any attachment to results or desire.

When you want to attract anything into your life, the system is about opening energy. Be clear about what you want and how it feels. Then, be open and find a way to be happy right here and now. Trust the Universe to do an amazing job of co-creating with you. You will find miracles tend to appear beautifully. Sometimes, it is a matter of recognizing when the miracle actually does appear. Each moment is a potential miracle and each moment is a potential for something wonderful. So, be present and open so that you recognize it when it shows up.

With love,