Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Ones,

Enjoy this day and where you are right now. Enjoy this moment. Many work at what is next, what they want or what they fear that they lack but they forget that this very moment is the result of something that they have asked for. Don’t neglect what is here and now and what is before you in this moment. Enjoy this moment for when it is gone, it is gone. Many are in a rush to move forward or have something different. Then, they reflect on the good old days or when something else was present. At some time in the future, you will perceive this as the good old days or a time that was simpler. You must enjoy what you have right here and now. There are always others around you, at all times. You have but only to pursue your path.

See who and what joins you this day. Don’t rush anything else. If you are alone, enjoy the quiet. If you are surrounded in something else, enjoy that too. People tend to focus on what they don’t have in the moment, instead of what they do have in the moment. Spend time with just enjoying the here and now.


The Godhead