Saturday, December 22, 2012

The question placed before us is how do we help those who are depressed. What is the energy that people experience when they feel depressed? What do the symptoms look like? Remember, we always say don’t get caught up in appearances. What does a depressed person feel like to you? What do you feel when you are around them? Many times there is a lot of anger pushed into a holding place in the depressed person. You can feel that they are about to blow. You may feel this anger, when you are around the depressed person. This energy is then suppressed so that the person is lethargic and listless. Symptoms may vary. You might even find that when you attempt to help or shift the energy, the form the depression takes may be altered. What does that tell you? There is a clear message in that. Does the individual truly seek to change this energy or do they wish to hold onto it? How does it serve them? How does it serve those around them? When the individual seeks and finds those answers, they shall no longer feel the depression. Awareness of the energy will help shift the energy. Whether someone is willing or able to release or transform this energy is up to them and the experience that they need from it. Anything that doesn’t address the root cause will not be of benefit. It is like putting a band aide on something that needs to be there. It hides the problem from site but doesn’t address what is taking place. You must find the reason for something before it can be altered or changed.