Saturday, December 8, 2012

How often do you speak and feel that no one is listening to you? You feel that you are putting out energy but not getting anything back. That is only an appearance. All energy and all thoughts are received on many levels. You don’t always see how it affects others but it will always have an affect. When you enter into a space, you feel the energy that is being projected into the space. Those feelings are infectious for the good or bad of the people there. When you feel that energy, it helps you understand what is happening in the room. Your thoughts and words are similar. There is always an affect.

We would ask each of you to be clear about what you are putting out into the world. Be more mindful of what your energy is like and what you are projecting. Just because you don’t say something or express your thoughts out loud doesn’t mean that they are not heard loud and clear. There is power in all of your thoughts, deeds, actions and words. Use your power wisely!