Sunday, December 23, 2012

Know yourself. Don’t seek for others to validate you or your skills and talents. Many of you are going to family gatherings or places where you feel intimidated or that you have not measured up. It doesn’t matter how others view you. You are on your own unique pathway. Self esteem is from the self. We have mentioned this before but you may need a reminder or two when you are around people whom you feel are more successful or further along on their life than you. How do you know this is true? You see certain perceived accomplishments but that isn’t necessarily what is taking place. The only way to truly gauge your accomplishments is to know how your life feels to you when you are not comparing yourself to another. All of the pieces will come together when the time is right. Spend time with the people who make you feel at your best and stay away from the toxic people as much as possible. We spoke about depression yesterday. Many depressed people will try and lower your sense of self to make themselves feel better. They want someone in the mud with them so they attack subtly or not so subtly . So, pay attention to the motivation of someone who says hurtful things to you. You have your own journey to partake in. There is no real competition for you because no one else is truly you. If you haven’t found your path, then keep opening to your path and see what shows up and where you are guided to be. You are here in this very moment as a gift and that is perfect.