Monday, October 1, 2012

Start paying attention to how often people will tell you their plan and proceed to force their plan on you. Pay attention to how people will manipulate and work really hard to create their plan and make it into a reality. Some will only keep talking about their plan and not do anything to make it happen.

Now pay attention to the people who are really connected to the master plan or the Divine plan and how they fit into it. Those are the people where things appear to materialize effortlessly. They will be working within the plan so there is still work involved but opportunities will come to them. The opportunities will feel right. It isn’t about their ego. They are following their spirit directions.

When you are ready to reconnect with your spirit path or the Divine plan, you will be guided back on that track. If you need to stay on the path where you are forcing your will into the situation, you are welcome to stay on that path. It may sound like we are judging one path to be good and the other to be bad but we are not. Each of you learn differently. We just seek to raise your awareness. Change happens when you seek to change and are committed to changing aspects of your life. It is not enough to talk about it. You must actually make changes in your thoughts and beliefs.