Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Imagine a life that feels authentic to you. What would it look like and feel like? Create as much details as you can. Don’t try and impose what you know now or how your life is now. Allow it to be something that feels good to you and feels aligned. Who would be in your life? What would you do together? This energy is different from imposing your will on others. You are just playing with potentials as your life. It can be quite different from any you have experienced up to this point. You are just dreaming about different scenarios.

Next, look at you life just as it is. What feels right and what feels out of alignment? Clear away what feels out of alignment and start paying attention to what is in alignment. You want to expand the alignment energy. Know that you always have options. The trick to creating is not forcing the creation or manipulating others to have what you desire. That is why vision boards can be wonderful. They reprogram you to what you authentically want. So, don’t fill your space with things that are not aligned with you and don’t program you towards your goals. Start placing your focus on what is aligned and true for you. Release the things you have accumulated that others have told you to get, if they don’t feel right for you.