Friday, October 19, 2012

We would like to speak with you about service. Many of you think that you are here to serve everyone who approaches you. There are many who are not ready for the work you might be doing. If you focus on the work that is within you, you are doing your service. People often confuse service with ego and working with those of ego. When you are trying to help others who are of ego, you will find that you are drained and depleted working with them. Those are the clients or students who only want to take from you but don’t see what they are creating. They are not the people who are looking for ways to be of service to others. They look for ways to take what they need without giving back or they may give back conditionally. If you are giving service to others and feel depleted, then you are not really giving service or aligned with your true pathway. When you follow your true path, you will not be depleted. There is an alignment and a beauty in true service that feels right and effortless. You have no need to convince others who are not meant to work with you. Those who belong with you, will understand you and your work. They will be drawn to you because of what you truly are and how you work. You will know when it is right.