Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As we come to a day and night that is known for the thinning of the veils, we ask you to remember that there is light in the dark and dark in the light. If you are asked to be a specific energy, be that energy. You may be that energy in whatever situation arises.

If an energy is draining you, we ask you to refrain from putting your focus on that energy. If you are overwhelmed with violence and what the news portrays or the energy of people showing disrespect to others, stop putting your energy into those areas. Your focus should be on what you truly desire. What helps your energy expand? Focus on that. What excites you? Put your energy on that. This will help lead you towards your own work and path instead of what others set as your purported agenda. It is time for those of the light to start shining their light and no longer allowing others to dim your purpose and your energy. It is time to focus on what you are and what you are doing here in this physical plane.


Moses and The Light