Friday, October 26, 2012

Peace, my brothers and sisters! There is hope in all moments and in all instances. Even when you see the world in chaos or violence, know there is hope in each moment. What you need to do is separate yourselves from what appears to be. Don’t feed the energy of anger and fear. Tune into your sense of peace. Open to how you may be of service to the light, in this moment. You can use this process for any moment that you are anxious or in fear. It doesn’t need to take long. Tune into the part of you that is safe and protected. Ask for guidance and wisdom to flow through you. You will know how to proceed and where to place your focus and thoughts.

You read the papers and see how people are projecting fear and anger. There are reports of groups wanting to attack and harm whole groups of people in a nation. Choose to stop feeding their anger. Stop supporting their beliefs, while allowing them to have their beliefs. If you don’t like something that is showing up, you stop giving it your attention and energy. It is fine to be aware so that you can protect yourself from physical harm or harm to groups. But you want to engage as little as possible with those who do not come from love and peace. Again, they get to be who and what they are because of Free Will. But, you don’t need to give them your energy, which only feeds what you don’t want to grow. The more attention you give to what you don’t want, the more it will expand. As you remove your energy, it gets less energy to support its existence. It may still exist but it will not be germane to you and so it affects you less. It allows all that needs to be to exist. You are feeding and supporting the life that resonates with you and allowing others to create the life that resonates with them.