Monday, October 15, 2012

I was thinking about the words Shalom in Hebrew, Salaam in Arabic and that many places in the United States have the name Salem. Shalom and Salaam are words used to greet people and they also mean peace. Salem is also meant to mean peace but if you look at the cultures saying peace as a greeting and cities that carry this name, the commonality is there is much violence perpetuated within the cultures and the histories of the cities. It is an odd reality. If so many cultures really seek peace and wish this for all those they encounter, why is society so violent?

Words and deeds are not congruent. We see mankind will express desires for many things but their actions and inner most thoughts do not reflect their true values. They may express a certain belief because they are taught it is superior but the people then harbor resentment and anger for others and so they may say peace but they really are not wishing the other person well. How often do you express something and then really wish something else. Mankind has potential for peace but only if they release their anger and resentment of others. Mankind can’t continue to blame cultures for things that happened before many of the people were even born. It is better to work with people in the here and now and treat them as they would wish to be treated. If you wish peace, truly be peace and open your heart to humanity. Be love and spread love and compassion. Words have no true meaning if the actions are not in alignment with the true expressions.