Monday, October 8, 2012

What can you tell us about the violence that is showing up more and more?

Mankind has always been violent. It dates back to when mankind needed to kill its own food and before mankind worked in communities. Mankind has always tried to take from others so that they are not in lack. Mankind developed on a foundation of fear where they never realized that whatever they needed was always right there. Now, you have more sophisticated weapons than ever before and it is easy to get access to those weapons. If someone is disappointed in someone or an outcome, they use that as an excuse to murder others or to harm others. If someone is insulted, they resort to violence to show their displeasure. If someone decides to dominate another, they will then feel justified in hurting them physically or emotionally. We do not say this of all of you but only of those who look for reasons to be violent.

We see a dichotomy of two camps of beings. Some are committed to love and light and they hold no desire for violence. Others find violence perfectly acceptable. You have the free will to determine what is right for each of you. You may choose to be a product of your world or you may choose to be a product of your spirit. Notice in violent situations there are always those who jump to help and rescue others while some will think they have been given permission to copy the violent act. We do not judge you either way. You must decide what you will be. Those of violence will eventually only stay with others of violence and those of peace will stay with those of peace.