Thursday, October 18, 2012

I was talking with someone this afternoon and they said that Plan A didn’t work and they needed to go to Plan B. What came through was that you don’t know that you ever worked on Plan A. You may have worked on a plan that you decided should work but it isn’t necessarily connected to the soul’s plan. Or, you might have been drawn to a plan and it was for a piece of the puzzle and not for a longtime experience. How do you know what the plan is for you? When you are following your soul’s journey, you may have different pieces showing up at certain points in time. All of the pieces put together are the fabric of your life but you must do the pieces. There is no need to judge the experience. All experiences serve a purpose. Experience the pieces and it comes together as your life. All experiences hold value. If something doesn’t work out, it leads you to the next piece and you will be able to use your experiences to help others. You don’t know the outcome of something until the end of your life. So, keep exploring and experiencing.