Thursday, October 4, 2012

I was looking at some of the frustrations from being in a place where the old energy is gone and the new is waiting to form. It feels like a place of being in limbo. While I was tuning in, it felt like the frustration was coming from ego and the need to control outcomes. The message that came through was to release the ego and come from the spirit energy. To work with the place that knows that all works out perfectly and to be in the place of trust and surrender. This is the place where the timing is always perfect and the results are always just as they need to be.

I have heard from a lot of people who are in a place where they are letting go of what doesn’t work but worried that nothing will come to replace what they released. Many will hold onto something that they feel is wrong for them because they don’t trust anything else to come and replace the energy. That fear is the ego energy trying to make you feel that you must control outcomes and work at fixing what you perceive is wrong.

The statement that came through was “to let go and let God.” The energy of this is to let your spirit self take the lead and control what is in your life. Trust that if something isn’t right for you, you can just let it go. Whatever is meant to take its place will then have space for the aligned energy to form. Your work and truth doesn’t come from the ego but from your spirit and Divine source. Trust it to work out beautifully. Release the need to control outcomes and specifics. You will find that the frustrations will melt away.


Ken and Moses