Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whenever you have an experience, you can only state what your experience was. You can’t say that other people should feel a certain way or have the same reaction as you. Yet, many of you are quick to judge what someone else should feel or how they should react to something. Spending your time judging others or deciding how it should be for others, is never productive.

One of the reasons that you have the sense of separation from other beings is so that you will have individual experiences and reactions. It is the design of humanity. You are not the collective but your experiences and information goes into the collective consciousness. It is for you to create and work through your own experiences. Enjoy having your own behaviors and reactions to whatever appears in your life. Part of compassion is learning to be open to experiences of others and the ability to have sympathy and support for the journeys of others without the need to pass judgment on them. There is no one way to live life. There is room for all that life holds for each of you.