Sunday, October 7, 2012

It all works out okay. You are not sure of this statement because you see much in your world where people are of greed and disrespect life that is different from them. You see that many have no respect for the earth or its other inhabitants. But in the end, all is balanced out. Mankind is in the process of determining whether or not they will survive. You have taken over the planet and neglected to watch over animals who are not in control. Mankind has claimed all land and takes over space with buildings and manufactured goods. Man has found it to be their birthright to conquer the earth and other inhabitants. Other animals are viewed as being of lesser importance. There may be a time where mankind is no more and the earth will take back over and restore a balance. The spirits of mankind will be in limbo or in the other sphere of existence, where spirits go. It all works out.

Many lessons are revealing themselves to you multiple times each day. Will you learn from what is showing up? Will you learn from what your ancestors have experienced? What is showing up around you right now? Many make plans that will no longer be valid for future generations. Whatever takes place now or in the future, each spirit will eventually be just fine. Your lives may create a very different process but it will eventually make sense to each of you. All works out, if not now, in the future.