Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today, we would like to talk about entitlement and grudges. We are focusing on problems in your Middle East but this information can be extended to any similar situation. What we see taking place is people in the Middle East believe that they are entitled to certain land and they don’t recognize those who currently are in control of those areas. They also eliminate the history of the land so that they can claim rights over others. So, they look for ways to take away the land and to deteriorate the cultures in those lands. Generation after generation they are taught hatred for those who are in control. They are taught to be violent towards others. Instead of attending to what they do have, they are focused on what they want and how to take it by force.

From a Universal perspective, if you can’t take care of what you do have and you can’t be respectful of others, how can you attract more? Also, you are not allowing any healing to take place. So, as a result, you don’t attract more. People are creating more hatred towards each other and lack of trust. People are then limiting what they can create because they only see something from one perspective and all others are wrong. This creates conflict with no resolution.

Now take this information and apply it to your own lives and where you feel entitled and are angry with others for having what you perceive that you want or deserve. However you are framing the world is how you will manifest. To create something new, you must be willing to release what holds you back and open the energy for a new creation. Ego and lower vibrational thinking will only limit the possibilities. You must appreciate those who have created what you want and you must learn respect for all that is. Appreciate what you currently have and take good care of it. Then, you create the possibility of more and different.