Thursday, October 11, 2012

We know that the United States is getting ready for elections of a new President. Your political parties want you to think a certain way and do what they each want you to do. We ask that you all do critical thinking. It doesn’t matter if the election is in the United States or another country. There is an assumption that the masses won’t read truth. They will only go by what is given to them. You must each use reason and look at the full person you are voting for. Understand what they believe and how they operate. Don’t use the propaganda as your resources. Find as much as you can about them before making up your mind. Look at their actual voting records. Don’t go by agendas or what you are being fed by the media related to them. Once you have all the information you can gleam from them and their campaigns and their past, you can make your informed decision and vote. Advertisements are made to have the other person look bad.

Elections need to evolve so that each person is being honest and showing who and what they are. Telling people what you believe and how you feel about issues will give you the full picture. Ask that the truth be revealed. See the people for who and what they truly are. Then, you can vote for the leaders that truly reflect what is right for you.