Friday, October 5, 2012

Feel the sense of freedom. Feel what it is like to no longer worry about anything or anyone. What is that like for you? Now pay attention to the areas of your life where you are worried or concerned. How much of that do your really need to worry about? Pay attention to where your energy goes. When you feel tired, what are you placing your focus on? What is draining you? Are there ways that you can look at the situation where you are no longer drained or worried about what you are looking at or participating in? The things you worry about, are there any steps you can make to change the situations? Realize that there is much that you focus on that you have absolutely no control over. It doesn’t help to worry about the situation or feel stressed by it. When you are in trust, you will be guided to whatever steps you need to take. You may still have something to do but that will be in areas that allow you to change what is happening or playing your role. Either way, you have no reason to worry.