Saturday, October 27, 2012

Many assume that they may go anywhere and do anything. You are not here to work with all beings and to touch all people. You have specific purposes. Focus on those who belong with you and focus on situations where you belong. Focus on being who and what you are. Move past your ego self and be your spirit self. All that is yours shall miraculously appear and all that is not yours shall be released.

Your world teaches you that you may have everything but that is not how it is meant to be. You attract what you need to support your journey. So, you have everything that you require for your path but not just everything. You, as spirits, have asked for major life events to shape your experiences in human form and you must now follow those experiences and their creations. It is not for you to do everything. It is not for you to be everything to all people. Learn to check in. Open to the guidance that is there for you. Follow the path that is yours to follow. Stop buying into more is better and that you must own the newest of everything. Physical life was not meant to be about accumulating things. Focus on your own path and all that you require will be made available to you.


The Light