Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have had people tell me that their grandmother is their guardian angel or guide or some other family member is filling this function. Your ancestors might watch over you but they are not really meant to be your guides or guardians. If they were really good at something, they may come in and help you with that but they are still spirits and will have their personalities and abilities as in life. They may see some other things that you don’t see but that is not always true. I have had my Mom come in and tell me that I can see things that she can’t see. She might give me a heads up, in relation to something happening in the family. If I want to see the answers to something, I go to my guides who are beings who are meant to help me in life from a higher perspective. Most of them will usually counsel me to ask God for my answers or they may give me advice. It is good to go to the highest realm energy available to help you with whatever help you require. The appropriate energy will then come through to help you. You want to work with beings that have no ego and will purely help you. If you feel a sense of ego coming into the equation, you are not working with an energy that you want to work with. You want help from an energy that is of pure love and they are there to truly help you without any other agenda.

If you want an ancestor’s advice, realize that they will be giving you advice similarly to what they would have done in life. It makes sense. Spirits don’t necessarily know the answers to all cosmic questions, after they cross over. If you find someone has a big ego or a lot of anger, they haven’t crossed over and are coming from a limbo space. If your friends and relatives have crossed over, they will not hold onto their egos but they will have their personalities. They may also be coming from a perspective of all of their lifetimes. Your ancestors will be around you when you need them to offer you love and comfort. Going for the top energy you have access to is my recommendation. Let each being do what they are designed to do.