Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yesterday’s message caused me to ask for information of the Universe’s perspective of the death penalty. Here is what came through.

Humans do not have the right to hurt another living being. This can be in any form. Each life is precious and created for their own journey. We don’t condone verbal or physical violence in any form. We recognize that many people often do heinous crimes of mass murder, rape or other forms of violence. Humans do not need to follow an eye for an eye way of living. You can contain those of violence without being violent to them. You must learn to break the cycles that have gone on before you. When you are violent, you are teaching violence. When you are disrespectful, you are teaching disrespect. If you want change, you must be willing to change. Your world needs to move to a much more positive way of being with each other. Change starts with each of you!


Above, you mentioned that we don’t have the right to hurt any living being. Does that mean that you want all beings to be vegetarian in nature?

We recognize that some humans need animal protein to survive and feel healthy. Many of you are evolving so that you no longer need this protein source. Some animals on your planet are carnivores. What we recognize is that if you are evolved so that you no longer need animal protein, refrain from consuming it. If you need animal protein, you may have what you need but be honoring of the animal you are eating. If you are eating plants, you are consuming a life force, be honoring of that life force. There will be a time where you will no longer need to consume other life forms to thrive. When this takes place you will be heading into a form that can be much more honoring of all life.