Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Energy is simple. If something is aligned and a true thought or desire, it can manifest quickly and easily. Mankind makes the manifestation process difficult. People often try to make something into something else or make someone other than who and what they are. This will not work. When something is real, the energy is simple and aligned. There is no need to convolute or manipulate the energy. It is much easier to manifest someone with the attributes you desire than to try and remake yourself or someone else into something that they are not. If you have hopes and dreams know that there is something out there that is aligned with those hopes and dreams. Allow that creation to take place.

So, the first rule of creation is to realize that free will of all beings must be respected. You cannot manifest something that would harm another being or take away their free will. Your desire or creation must not take away the rights of another. The second rule is that you must truly want what you say that you want. Words and actions must be aligned. Then, it is a simple matter of time for the creation to become reality. Do not create from fear or lack. Create from a sense of abundance and love. The last important piece is that you must let go and allow the energy to form. If you constantly hold onto something there is no room for growth. If something is not showing up in your life, it is because it is not yet time or something is out of alignment. You may have some work to do before the creation may take physical form.


The Godhead