Monday, October 22, 2012

I have been observing how many people in my life seem to be focused on judging what others do and how they do it. I was listening to how people assess how they think others should live their lives. I have been listening to people saying what people should and shouldn’t do. In truth, we can’t pass those judgments on others. Each person has their own path and life lessons. Since we don’t know what the path of another is really meant to be, we can’t determine how they should proceed. We can offer advice, when asked, but each person must have their own free will to process their own life. Most people will make changes when they realize something isn’t working for them. Attempts to make things easier for others don’t usually work. People will find a way to create their own lives. The best we can do is offer love, compassion and support for others to follow their own journey. We can try to keep children safe but they will ultimately find ways to circumvent much of what we do to keep them safe because they learn by experiencing the world.

We must each endeavor to find what works for ourself. That means we try on different people as friends and companions until we find what works for us. We experiment in life with what we enjoy and are drawn to experience. There is no right or wrong experience. There are pieces that might be out of the confines of the law and there is cause and affect. So, there are consequences to each experience. But each must follow their creations and take responsibility for their actions. We each get to determine what is right for us. We also get to decide whether people fit into our lives or don’t fit. As you release those who don’t fit, you make room for new people to come in. You get to decide who belongs in your close circle.