Sunday, October 21, 2012

When you are working on creating something in your life, you must release what doesn’t belong to you or with you so that you have space for what you are trying to create. If you hold onto energy that doesn’t belong to you, you will not have room for what does belong to you. Think about that when you are holding onto things or energy that isn’t aligned with you or doesn‘t feel right to you. Many think that it is better to hold onto something that doesn’t belong to you or with you instead of trusting that what is yours will come to you. It is ultimately better to have what belongs in your life than to hold onto whatever you think you need to hold onto for the meantime.



Last month, I was contacted by someone who wanted to do a spell or manipulate energy to make someone come back to her and fall in love with her. Just so you all know, I don’t do that type of work. When you use energy to manipulate another into doing your will, you are going against God’s major law of respecting free will. That type of behavior will always come back to you in a way that you will not be happy with the consequences. It is related to taking someone off of their path because your ego wants something. This is never for the highest good or even in alignment with respectful energy. When people create in this way or live in this way, they are preventing themselves from finding true happiness. They are aligned with those committed to lowering the vibration of the earth. There is no thought or little thought of consequences. If you manipulate someone to be with you who doesn’t want to be with you, you are not coming from love. When you truly love someone, you want them to be happy and on their life path. You are able to put the needs of someone else above your own desires. Sometimes, that means letting someone go.