Sunday, October 28, 2012

This message is for all of you who are getting overwhelmed with all of the violence and behaviors of man’s inhumanity to man in the world. Recognize that violence is a choice just as peace is a choice. You each need to make the choice of how you will be in your world and in your life. If you want to foster a world of love and peace, you must consciously choose love and peace in each moment. For those who choose violence, that is something that the Universe and God will not interfere with. However, realize that if you choose a path of violence and destruction, you are not following the path of God. Lower vibrational choices will pull you further away from God. Many times you hear those of violence say that they are fighting for God or that their prophet was insulted so that they now have an excuse to harm others. That is not coming from a higher vibrational way of being. These people may not understand what they are creating until after they cross over. It doesn’t mean that all people of violence are bad people, it just means that they are not making choices that come from love or God.

For those who feel insulted by people depicting you as violent and out of control, you change that by showing them that you are not violent. If you respond with violence and anger, you are only supporting the belief that you are violent and out of control. If you want to foster trust with these other people, that is not the choice to change anything. If you want to truly create change, you must change. If you want to be perceived as peaceful and loving, you must be peaceful and loving.

So, how should you create your life in love? Be loving and compassionate to all that is. Stop inundating yourself with violence. Those who live in the communities of violence must start being the energy that they wish to be and not take on what appears to be around them. Each of you must follow your own path and your own purpose for being here. Some of you may be here to help contain the violence and violent people. In reality, most of you are not here for that. As more of you choose a pathway of peace and love, more of you will help shift the balance. We also continue to caution you to not get caught up in what appears to be. There is much more going on than what you think you are seeing. Many times, there is a soul agreement that is taking place and you can’t understand why the soul would choose that experience. Since you don't know what the soul is here for you can't really judge the experience. Things will change as humans wake up to their creations and take responsibility for their creations. All things are not for all of you. You must align with what is for you to experience. Allow each being to follow their own path and journey of learning and experiences.