Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We would like to start today’s message off with a question. What are you doing to make your life, your community or the world better?

Many will argue about things that they don’t approve of or like. They blame others for the condition of the world. They point fingers and get angry. Some parts of the world look for excuses to hurt others, kill others or destroy property belonging to others. It takes little for them to find a reason to go into a destructive mode. Many say they are insulted and then go into a violent rampage and say that they are justified. How does this behavior improve anything?

If you truly want to improve your life and the world, start with your own life. If you are disorganized, organize your home, possessions and life. If you have debt, find ways to pay it off and live within your budget. The national debt will improve as each citizen gets their own finances under control. In reality, how much stuff do you need to collect? If you don’t like what someone else is doing, you don’t need to support them. If you don’t like a movie or TV show, don’t watch it. Put your energy into what you truly desire. Support causes that you believe in. Align your energy with what feels right to you. Anger and violence solves nothing. Blaming others solves nothing. You must be willing to create a life that you are proud of and being in your integrity. Violence towards others or groups of people will never solve problems. Learning to work with each other will help make things better. Respect of all life, will improve life.

So, we repeat, what are you doing to make your life, your community and the world better?


Yahweh and the Light