Sunday, September 30, 2012

For those ready to grow and evolve past your human emotions. You must first honor what you are feeling. Know that you have helped to create all that you have. You have willingly allowed others to control or manipulate you. You have not taken responsibility for your own beliefs and actions but followed a certain form of indoctrination. So, in order to grow, you must start filling yourselves with love. You must learn to first like yourselves and then love yourselves. When you do this, you will no longer allow others to override you or dominate you. You will not stay in unhealthy relationships because you love yourself too much to stay where you are not being honored with respect and love. Once you master loving yourselves, you can truly honor and love others and you will attract a much different energy. Notice in this process, you are not changing others. You are creating the changes within yourself first and extending your new energy into your planet. Each being must take responsibility for creating this new path. This path is not right for all of you. You are not responsible for changing others. You are only responsible for your own changes and growth.