Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love! What does that mean to you? Do you really know what we speak of when we share love with you or show you love? When you find true love, you will know what we speak of. It will feel expansive and wonderful. Your heart will open in a way that makes your whole being glow and shine. Many of you think that you really understand love. It is what you have learned from your families and those around you. You have defined love and relationships based on what you have seen in movies and on television. Those are only forms of love that humans think that they know and have experienced. True love will come from within your soul and spread out into the world. Once you experience what we speak of your whole lives will be altered permanently. In our definition of love, there is no need to hold onto anyone or anything. You want what is best for each life form and you will help support their journeys. You will trust others to create perfectly for themselves. You will marvel at all life and be able to love all beings as they are and for what they are without needing to control or fix them. You will know who to spend time with and who to stay away from so that you may enjoy your journey and they may enjoy their own journey. You were never meant to be with everyone or of everyone. That is also an act of love. Be loving to all but follow where you are meant to be. Enjoy those you are with but allow them the freedom to move forward when their time comes to do so. With love there is room for all that is to be just as it is.


The Godhead