Saturday, September 29, 2012

For the past few days, we have given you messages about the holy and sacred. We are doing this because we see areas of your world where many will be starting what they call holy wars. There is no such thing as a holy war. God does not condone war and violence. Those who work towards the destruction of a people because of their beliefs are not coming from a connection with God. The people who preach violence as a means to an end, are coming from anger and the need to control and dominate others. There is a need to place the blame on others for what they have or don’t have. We realize that your governments must respond to such actions but it is our wish that you all learn to work together and be loving towards each other.

What we wish for you is a life where all men, women, children, animals and all forms of life are respected, honored, loved and cherished for who and what they are. We wish you to be gentle and compassionate with each other. To truly grasp this energy, you must truly be enveloped in love for all. You must respect differences and allow all to follow the path that is truly before them. Mankind carries a lot of anger within them but it doesn’t need to stay. You may replace anger and hatred with love and compassion. Those of violence don’t know any better but those of love do. It is time to evolve into a much more loving way of being on your planet and now is the time to start making those changes.