Sunday, September 2, 2012

We would like to speak of the drama/trauma energy that many of you seem to feed on. This is the energy of getting wrapped up into the stories and dramas that others create. You think that life isn’t interesting without this energy so you create it over and over again. If life is peaceful for you, you will look to others and get involved in their stories. You will continue to put your energy in repeating those stories and getting involved in feeding the energy in other people’s lives.

We caution you about doing too much of this. It is much better if you just take care of whatever arises without making it expand and making it your life. The choice is always up to you. This is not a healthy way of being. You are feeding problems and not helping in solutions. Often you are repeating situations where you have no power or control over whatever is taking place with the other people. So, as you involve yourself in the drama/trauma situations, think about why you do this and if it is in your best interest.

We are not talking about those who choose to work in emergency rooms or trauma centers. These people are there to help people through their creation and getting to the new energy. They are there for transitions. They handle what needs to take place and move on. We are talking about those of you who feed off of constantly talking about drama and trauma events and don’t move on.