Sunday, September 23, 2012

You can’t judge the lives of others. For you don’t know their path or life lessons. You must allow each person their own journey. You may help each person understand how their choices will affect them. But they ultimately must choose. You must know that each person will negotiate anything that feels uncomfortable to them, even if it is scripted into their life. Few people look at all experiences as just experiences. You will know how to navigate whatever shows up. Help is always around you, when you open to receive it.

Stay away from vexing people. Keep your distance from those who would try to use what they know about you to hurt you. There are those who wish only to hurt others so that they feel better about themselves. These are not your friends or your support system, even if they profess to be. You are responsible for creating your lives in ways that work for you. This will be different for each of you.