Thursday, September 27, 2012

A church, synagogue, mosque is not a holy place because of what it is thought to be. It is holy because of the energy that is placed in the space. Denying someone the rights to a holy space because another religion has taken over it, doesn’t make it the ownership of whoever has taken it over. If a space is truly holy, it is open to all to pray and worship as is right for them. God holds no religion above or below another religion. True holy beings come from love of all that is.

For a space to be truly holy and sacred, it must hold the energy of love, compassion and purity. A sacred place is not a place of war and violence. It is a place where all are welcome and respected. Know this. For you are about to watch as some try to take over the spaces of others and proclaim them for themselves. This has gone on for far too long. Some will store armaments and weapons of war in spaces and profess them off limits because the spaces are considered holy. It is no longer holy, once desecrated by violence and violent intent. It is holy when it is filled with love, respect and honor. You may sanctify any space by placing the purity of intention in the space. Your home and land may become holy by enveloping the land with love, peace, respect and honor. Place your blessings in this space and make it a place of peace and love. Be of the light and kindness in this space and you will feel its energy shift.

Know that God is open to all beings. There is no scripture that is required. Come from a pure place and a true desire to connect with God and God will be available to whomever is truly open. Religion doesn’t make one holy or sacred. The purity and authenticity of the soul is all that is required. We don’t expect you to be perfect but we expect you to endeavor to do what is right, kind and loving.

The Blessed Ones