Saturday, September 22, 2012

For those who are working on creating different things in your life, here is a suggestion that comes from the concept that there are many beings waiting to be asked to help us with our lives. The other concept is that if you truly have a desire, there is a way to manifest that desire.

For those wanting a new relationship, ask the cosmic matchmakers to bring you together with either the perfect mate or the person you are supposed to spend your life with. You can give them your list of what you want in a partner or you can just trust them to bring you together with an amazing partner. Once they are on the job, pay attention to what guidance you get or if you feel that you need to show up somewhere at a certain time.

For those looking for a new job or different career, ask the cosmic job finders to help you manifest the perfect job that allows you to do what you were created to do and have the salary that takes care of your needs. If think that you know what you want, put that in the equation but be open. If you don’t know or if you know there is something new out there for you, be open to what they connect you with.

You can utilize this technique for whatever you are trying to create. You can work with the cosmic healers or any other type of help you require. Realize that there are experiences you might need to go through but you can ask for help in creating whatever you are trying to create. If you are meant to have something you will have it and you will be having an amazing team working with you in the creation process. You might come up with another variation of this concept. Trust what you pick up for yourself. See what manifests from this energy.