Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peace brothers and sisters,

Now is a time of transition. Many of you have been undergoing a clearing up to this point. You are learning to release the old ways and you are feeling suspended in limbo. This is a still point. This is a point where the old is being stripped away and the new is not yet ready to take its place. You are not here in this place for much longer.

Many energies and beings are being reconfigured into this new place. You will notice that much you have been doing is no longer that interesting to you. Your connections with some are being released and your connections with others are forming new bonds.

Don’t be afraid to release that which no longer fits you or feels right to you. It is okay to release people and situations that no longer resonate with you. Your world is changing and so are you. As you release what needs to be released, you create space for new people and new experiences. Some of you are feeling lost and you are holding onto what you think you knew while you await the new. This will only slow down your process. You must let go of what doesn’t work for you. You will also free up others to find what is right for them. Many new experiences await all of you.