Friday, September 21, 2012

I figure while I was on my soap box yesterday, I would also continue with how politics runs their ads and calls to get you to vote for a candidate. Notice most ads are telling you what the other person will be doing or not doing. Most politicians are not focusing on messages of what they are doing or planning on doing. They only want you to see the flaws in the other person. All parties will spend a lot of time on propaganda. This seems to work for the masses or they wouldn’t be doing those techniques. How does it feel for you? I find it tends to disengage people more than engage them. It just seems to make people angry. What a way to pick leaders.

Many of the recorded messages will force you to listen to them give you whatever message they are choosing and it is allowed to come to your phone. When you pay attention to that energy, how do you feel? What does it do to your energy grid? It is something I am just bringing up, since we are going into a full force election process right now. It also is coming up as we going into massive transitions right now on a global level. The more awareness you have about what is being forced on you, the better decisions you can make for what is right for you.