Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How many of you are feeling affects of the violence that is being placed in front of you? Start paying attention to how you are affected by this energy. We are inundated with the energy of violence. Even if you try and isolate yourself from the energy, others seem to find a way to make sure you get the energy. You might not watch or read anything with violence and you are in conversations with others who make sure you know what is going on. Or they buy you items that are violent or you are watching a comedy and there is a coming attraction that is really violent. This has an affect on all of us. Don’t desensitize yourself from this energy but be aware of how you feel when this energy is with you or around you.

Many things will show up to shut off your sensitivity. Your power resides in your sensitivity. So, don’t allow yourself to be shut down. Instead find other ways to create shields or protection from it. Your power needs to come through now. So, you need to be able to safely open up to who and what you are. Do what you can to limit your exposure to such energy. Process how you feel. Attune to your real energy. Fill yourself with love and compassion. See if that helps you with what is around you. Allow the healing energy to come within you.