Friday, September 28, 2012

Knowledge is how you get out of the messes that have been created by mankind. What you see showing up is from people reacting to what they are told and indoctrinated with. Violence, pollution, financial issues are arising because you are not using your own intellect, compassion and intuition. You are trusting what others tell you. You follow propaganda and then wonder why things are not turning out as promised. Some religions promise that if members kill or harm others who are not of their faith that they will go to paradise. Does that even sound rational to you? God loves all beings equally. Harming God’s creations doesn’t make anyone have a free ride to paradise. By killing or harming others, you are separating yourselves from God and not bringing yourself towards God. Violence in any form is not condoned. You must learn to exist with each other and learn to respect that individuals have different customs. Pollution in all forms only hurts your world and all life on your planet. You are capable of creating all that you need without harming the earth or any of its inhabitants. Learning to live within your budgets is doable. You will not pay down debt if you only work in a balanced budget model. You must learn to create surplus amounts for what is needed. If you owe money to others, work out a form of payment plan so your debts are honored. Words, actions and deeds must all be aligned and carried through.

Just because someone tells you something, doesn’t mean that it is true. You are looking for trust in people whose words, actions and deeds all match and are aligned. Take the time to verify information so that you know what is true. You must understand what is the ulterior motive that someone might have had. No truly holy book will condone violence of others to create domination. There is nothing sacred in that command or behavior. If something is holy, it doesn’t need coercion to convert others or create an answer. God doesn’t need anyone to fight for him. That is not the energy of the sacred. In ancient text when it portrayed God as vengeful, people took acts of nature and said that God or the Gods were angry. That is not true. You live on a living breathing planet that is evolving and has weather and events happening all of the time. It is not a punishment from God for you to be in a place where that happens. If you learn to pay attention to your intuition, you will always be where you are supposed to be. Many are given a heads up, when something is about to take place. You have only to listen and respond to what you pick up.