Monday, September 24, 2012

There are many groups that express how they are speaking for God or connected to God. Many would use the name God in their organization and then make it their mission to tear down others or harm others. There are groups that have built holy shrines on top of another group’s holy shrines and then deny the previous group access to their holy shrine locations. There are groups that deny that other groups have a right to exist and make it their mission to destroy that group. There are those who would blame others for whatever their society has created. There are many who would lead by fear. They think they hold power by hurting others or destroying others. Many will profess that they are doing God’s work in this behavior.

However, God comes from love and light. Those who truly come from God are beings who work through love of all. They hold a sanctity of all life. They realize that all life is precious and valuable. Those who truly follow God will do work that enhances the quality of life for others. They seek ways to be of service and to help in certain areas where they see that others need help and empowerment. Look for areas in your communities where the weak need help. Find your passion in service to others but also respect the creations that each soul needs to experience. Know that each life form does hold power but they may be disconnected from their true power. Help each being be their best self through love and compassion. Each part of your journey in the physical experience holds different challenges and experiences. Know the source of all is love. When you are scared or uncertain, tune into love and come from that energy. You will find you will start helping to shift your earth to a much more positive venue. Know that whenever violence arises it is not because of something God did but something that man in his ego sense did. Go back to love for your solutions to all areas of life.


The Godhead